January 2, 2018


No one can or will, work harder, or sweat longer, for your dreams than you can.

Stop waiting for that friend to read your manuscript, and just publish that book already!.

Stop waiting for that Coach to get back to you, and just start already!

Stop waiting until...

November 13, 2017

Almost anything can be done with the human body and mind - we were never created to remain stagnant and unchanged.

You just have to convince yourself enough on the inside, before you can truly see it manifested on the outside.

From fitness goals, to life goals, to love...

October 6, 2017

Are you happy? Is there peace and joy in your life?

Yes? Keep doing what you are doing.

No? Do you want peace and joy?


Change something.

No? As above, keep doing what you are doing.

Sometimes, it really is that simple. That feeling of anxiety, irritability, frustratio...

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