October 7, 2018

When submerged in water you have the choice to overreact (fighting against the current, risking exhaustion and drowning), Under-react (becoming overwhelmed and completely giving up to the water pressure and drowning), or learning to find peace and strength within it -...

February 28, 2018

PRICE YOUR STORY... stop vomiting it onto the laps of others, or giving it away for free.

One of the things I caution Coaching clients about is giving away all of themselves - with no pre-identified cap, limit, or purpose.

Some verbally vomit their story onto whoever wil...

December 23, 2017

No one 'made you' cry... the way 'you' perceived and processed the other's actions, inactions or behavior, resulted in 'you' feeling hurt, angry or disappointed.

Likewise, no one else 'made you' happy... the way you understood or thought of them or their actions, trigg...

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