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Come inside and take a seat… let’s talk about it.

Welcome. My name is Novena-Chanel, and as a registered Counsellor it is my job to support you in making this process as therapeutic and life changing as you, will allow us to.

I work from a holistic and therapeutic approach; working with my clients to identify, work through and heal difficult patterns within their lives' and relationships.  I support you in beginning the process of challenging negative thought patterns and circumstances; often breaking unhealthy family/generational cycles and supporting epigenetic transformation.

My aim is to empower you to realise and work towards your full potential; while building practical and realistic foundations to maintain your desired therapeutic goals, long after our work together ends.


I offer Individual, Couples (heterosexual and same-gendered) and Youth Counselling using the therapeutic approach which best suits your individual need. I am trained in Person-Centred therapy, Psychodynamic, Existential, Innerchild work and CBT Techniques, and offer short-term and long-term therapy in-person and/or online via Skype or Zoom.  



Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’ that involves working collaboratively with a Counsellor to explore, understand and work through past and present difficulties.  Although some may find talking to family and friends helpful and nurturing, others may find that the close relationships prevent them from being completely open and honest; fearing repercussions, gossip or ridicule.

The Counselling relationship offers you a safe, confidential and protected space and time; where you are supported in exploring your concerns; given permission to cry when you are hurt, and show anger when you have been let down. It is a professional relationship where your experiences are respected and accepted; regardless of your age, life history, background, thoughts or experience.  Often for some, this will be your first experience of a relationship where you are valued for who you are and what you present, without bias or negative judgement.

It is a space where you are free and allowed to be yourself.


I offer Counselling for the following concerns / issues:

Abuse and Violence

*Sexual Violence / Rape

*Domestic Violence

*Childhood Sexual and/or Physical Abuse

*Bullying and Emotional Abuse


Couples and Family Counselling

*Affairs and Betrayal

*Relationship and/or Family Breakdowns

*Youth Counselling


Sexuality and Self Esteem

*Sexuality and Identity issues

*Anger Management Anxiety and Stress

*Self-Confidence and Low Self-Esteem

*General Counselling

Employment Related Issues

*Bullying at Work

*Work Related Stress

*Retirement and Redundancy



I see clients in person in Brixton (SW9 & SW2). I also offer Skype Therapy, Zoom Therapy and Counselling in the Park in Slade Gardens, Kennington Park, Brockwell Park and Hyde Park).


FEES (Please see ‘Fees’ tab for more information)

Individual Counselling starts at £70.00 per session

Couples Counselling starts at £95.00 per session, for a 70-minute appointment

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