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Walk-Talk Therapy (Counselling – Outdoors/in the Park)


Have you heard of Counselling in the Park/Outdoors?

I understand that for some, the constraints of a Therapy Room may be daunting, and even off putting; so I offer a new and innovative approach of Walk-Talk Therapy; bringing Counselling to the Park.

I meet with you (as in most Counselling relationships) once per week within one of my set locations in either Kennington Park, Slade Gardens, Brockwell Park or Hyde Park.  We then spend session walking and talking, or sat on a bench or grass.  This not only helps to enhance the general feeling of wellbeing and connection to nature, but also places emphasis on the needed process of ‘moving forward’.

Please be aware, the introduction of outside therapy will mean that we will encounter external factors such as people, animals and weather conditions such as rain, snow and heat.  Sessions will go ahead as normal during the rain and snow, except in circumstances where there are weather alerts; sessions will then be based within my private practice in Brixton, SW9 or online through Zoom or Skype.

Please inform me if you have any phobias that may be triggered while outside, i.e. fears of animals (dogs, birds, squirrels etc), outside spaces etc.

 Counselling offers a safe, private, and confidential relationship, where you can begin resolving emotional conflicts, discovering and reframing negative thinking and behaviors, and aiding your journey towards making positive choices and changes.


You can read more in my ‘Regularly asked Questions’ section or contact me directly, where I will be happy to discuss any of your concerns and/or queries.



Kennington Park, SE11 4BE

Hyde Park, SW1X 7LY

Slade Gardens, SW9 0DL

Brockwell Park, SE24 0PA


Cost of Sessions in the Park/Outdoors:

Individual Therapy  – £75.00 per 50 minute session*

Couples Therapy  – £120.00 per 70 minute session*


Pricing Scale for weekend, 06:00am and 9:00Pm appointments.

* Depending on time and location. Weekend, 07:00am, 08:00am, 8pm and 9pm sessions are charged at the higher rate fee structure. Please see below.

06:00am appointments: Individuals: £75.00 Couples: £120.00

Saturday appointments: Individuals: £75.00 Couples: £120.00

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