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I offer Life Coaching and Equilibrium 360 Coaching to adults who are making a career transition, starting up a new business, and/or wishing to set new goals for future achievements. 

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a future focused approach where a Coach works with you to identify your future goals and desires, and supports you in mapping realistic targets and steps to reaching your success.

How is Equilibrium Coaching different than basic Life Coaching?

I am the only trademarked and registered Equilibrium Coach in the UK (and internationally), working as the founding member of The Goal Architects.  As an Equilibrium Coach I support you in exploring the main areas of your life – Your emotional and mental wellbeing; mapping out objectives and exploring blocks.  Your Nutrition; ensuring your diet meets the mental and physical objectives you have.  Home and Life; looking at goals within your relationships, finances and life, and working with you to understand the steps needed to meet your objectives.

It is therefore a proactive and holistic aaproach to Coaching; understanding that in order to be fully functioning and balanced, we need to create balance and harmony within all areas of our lives – equilibrium.

Is it like Counselling or Mentoring?

No. Life Coaching is not a Counselling approach, and although negative-thought patterns and self-beliefs are identified, they are used solely to move the client forward to create a plan of action. Deeper exploration of learnt beliefs and negative behaviors are worked on in counselling. The coach will not offer you advice like a mentor can, but will instead work with you to identify the resources and tools you already hold to achieve your goals.

How to make an appointment

To book a session or find out more about Coaching services, please use the contact form below, or schedule a brief free introductory call. Once an appointment is confirmed, we will meet for an initial consultation (either in person or through Skype / Zoom). This is usually a 60-minute meeting where you are given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and discuss your goals and concerns with me.

I will use this meeting to ask questions about your previous and current accomplishments, explore your goals in greater depth, and draw up a plan of action for our future work together. The consultation is not a coaching session, but you are encouraged to explore your goals, and future areas of development are identified for you and I to work on.


Initial Consultation: £95.00 for 60 minute appointment (available online or in person)

Appointments after the initial consultation are charged at £95.00 per one hour meeting, or at £85.00 as a part of a Coaching Package.

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