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Breaking negative family patterns and cycles is a revolutionary act.

For many, consciously and unconsciously, they live, relive, and pass on generational wounding and patterns. Each new generation playing out a family cycle, each struggling with, or having to work through, an inherited mindset, way of relating, and circumstance. From the way they go into discipline their children, to the types of relationships they enter, to their own mental health, each generation carrying and unrolling the family cycle. How many have witnessed or heard of a Great-Grandmother who had a turbulent relationship with her daughter, then creating the same patterns within her own relationship with her daughters, who then, despite wanting different, then pass the dysfunction down through the family relationships? We then have four generations of women who know nothing else except inconsistency, poor communication, and wounding. How about a Grandfather who was detached emotionally (or physically absent) from his Son, who then births a ''normality' of detachment - be it physical detachment and absence from the family, or mental and emotional. Thus unconsciously or consciously, teaching a Son to also become a detached and absent Father. I have seen generations of single parent families within one family unit, just as I have seen generations of poor communication, competition, and jealousy within others. Each generation recreating a pattern of living and being. If you really want to begin breaking negative family cycles, you need to start by identifying and exploring the root. Like a weed - often rather than not, treating the attachment from its root, begins ending the growth. Start with creating a Family Constellation - like observing a map of stars, family constellations maps relationships within the family unit, and the conscious and subconscious impact. Unsure how to begin? Contact me and let's do the work together at You deserve the opportunity to begin breaking generational patterns. From Novena-Chanel, The Equilibrium Coach® - The Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Practitioner™ #familyconstellations #familytreework #innerchildwork #familytherapy #counsellor #psychotherapist #theequilibriumcoach 

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