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Understand the Brand before Marketing the Brand or Starting the Business: What do you offer?

Are you starting out in Business, or already setup and feeling overwhelmed? Have you perfected your Elevator Pitch, or do you even know what one is and how to explain and sell what you do, in under five seconds? When working with Coachees I start the process by carrying out an assessment - me being a consumer researching who they are. Often, rather than not, I find that their multifaceted approach of listing everything they have ever accomplished since birth (or wanting to find a way to add it to the Business), from their GCSEs, to doing hair, to a speaking event at Church, becomes unecessary noise. A noise which drowns out what and who they actually are NOW, and most importantly, what they have to offer NOW. It is great to be accomplished and experienced in a number of fields. Goodness, you only have to look me up to see that I'm a Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Nutritional Advisor, Reiki Master, Plane Flyer, Krav Maga lover and more, but what good is all of that information to a consumer who is approaching me/you for one service? Even more so if that Service is not calling for you to be experienced in any of the other fields. If anything, it becomes white noise, and they start to wonder if, with all these other things you are doing, if you have really mastered any. You know what I mean... you're on the High Street and you see a Restaurant that is selling Caribbean food, Chinese food, Nigerian Food, and Indian food... is anyone else wondering who the Chef is and if they REALLY know how to properly cook the one we like? Now there are some exceptions. For example, for those who understand the correlation between Mind, Body, Spirit and Life - the impact of food on our mood, and our mood on our thoughts and behaviour, my work and exploration in all areas makes perfect sense. A Coach who is qualified to look at your diet, work with the conscious and unconscious negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back, whilst also supporting you in bringing Balance, Self-Care, and personal insight into your work and life. I mean goodness, throw in a meditation script, and a no nonsense approach to attaining your goals, and you practically have your own Goal Architect®, right? Another exception would be a Builder who is also an Interior Designer, Kitchen Fitter, Carpenter, and Plumber, or a Make-up Artist who can also do hair, nails, styling and photography. You can see how they work together, compliment each other, and therefore make sense to a Consumer? It is like Nike suddenly releasing a Hair Care Brand for Black hair... a few eyebrows would be raised, right? Yet them adding Gyms, Protein Shakes, and Performance Enhancers would be more believed and acceptable. Why? Because Fitness, Sports and Performance is a part of the Brand. So when you are starting the process of building and selling you, your brand, or Starting out in Business, be mindful not to get lost in all that you can do, and instead, focus on what reflects and projects the Brand identity you want to sell. Start with the strongest one and master it, while cultivating the others (if necessary) . You can still be a bad ass Wizard at the weekends who races Ponys, it just doesn't need to be on your card or intro (unless your Client or audience are also Pony racing Wizards who want your product, then yes, you add that in your presentation with pictures, quotes, and an invitation to your next race) . Starting out cab be tough, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and confusing.... make things easier for yourself by taking the time to pause and understand what and who you are, and what the Consumer wants and sees, first. Need some more advice, or want to book yourself a free telephone consultation? Visit my website at abd let's get your journey started today. With that said, I am wishing you all a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations. From Novena-Chanel, The Equilibrium Coach® (The Goal Architect® to your dreams) . Video clip from: Understand the Brand before Marketing the Brand or Starting the Business: What do you offer?

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