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There seems to be an obsession with making moves, especially the 'right' moves, with a fear of being left behind, or not 'appearing' to be winning. Many compare their real life with the glossy social media 'showreels' of others, resulting in rushed commitments, or spending too much time overthinking each turn, wanting to ensure it is the 'right turn' - with quick returns, no risks, large payoffs, and zero investment. This is a fallacy! The ability to take risks, accept losses, and grow from them, is paramount to success. I have not and will not always make the 'right' turn, and no, my choices will not always make sense to you, them, or even us at times, but that left turn, that oversight, risk, chance, or lucky swerve, is what makes and/or breaks us. It is experience. It is growth. It is a wealth of knowledge that keeps us learning, and a turn that allows us to see for ourselves. It shapes our success and winners instinct. If you do not want to go around in circles, sometimes you have to make a left turn before or after you make the 'right turn'. Do not be ashamed of your mistakes - learn from them and keep moving. LEFT OR RIGHT TURN, DON'T STAY STUCK - TAKE A TURN. With that said, I am wishing you a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations. From Novena-Chanel, The Equilibrium Coach® - The Goal Architect™ to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance - 

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