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Thoughts on the 'rights' of Motherhood (after a Mentee session this morning)

Such a powerful conversation this morning through Skype. A woman who decided not to become a Mother, against the desires of her family. I praise her for knowing and owning her truth. I praise her for owning her body. I praise her for not being yet another woman viewed and used as a womb. I praise her for not adding to the dysfunction of women who do not want children, becoming emotionally and or physically detached parents. I praise her for standing in her 'no', instead of falling in everyone else's 'yes'. Well done, you powerful lady. As said, some are meant to be parents, and some are not. I have wanted my son before I even knew his face or felt his touch, or heard his first cry. Yet how dare I, someone who had a choice, tell any other woman it is a duty she must hold too? I've said it before and I'll say it again, we need to stop this obsession with other people's wombs. It's none of our business! Women are more than being a Mother! I know too many children and adults of Mothers and Fathers who were not born to be parents - why add more dysfunction to the world? Live your life. (P. S, I have been given consent to post this 🙏🏾. Thank you for sharing your truth with me. You are wonderful. Sleep peacefully and lightly, without that heavy load - A Skype mentee in New York ). 

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