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Snowing in London: What can you do to help someone who's homeless?

What a bitter sweet morning. This morning I took our Bubby to have his first experience of snow. He was layered up, had a flask of warm camomile, and we left our dog at home knowing it's far too cold for her to be outside today. We then saw another dog tied up outside a shop while the owner was inside getting bits. A few of us gathered outside awaiting the 'reckless owner' to give him or her a piece of our minds, as two of us angrily agreed this is no weather for dogs. Then on the way back from the shops my heart sank as I realised just how hypocritical we were. We passed a homeless person (as most of us do everyday) and not one of us angrily advocated for him to be safe, housed and warm. Not one of us took the time to stop to make sure he was okay. Sometimes we truly do value animals over humans (well, unless we're hungry, and then yeah, they're just meat and have no feelings 🤔). So as you are sat at home complaining how cold it is outside, please let's also take a moment to be thankful - thankful that we are privileged enough to be sat at home shutting the cold out. Where you can, please pack extra blankets, flasks, gloves, and/or hot water bottles (most decent Cafes will fill up a hot water bottle for someone), and if you can, please find out where the nearest soup kitchens are near you to pass on to someone who might need it (here's a list and a list of winter homeless shelters (  Something many of us also might not think about is the homeless women who need their basic essentials too! Pop an extra pack of sanitary pads and underwear in your shopping trolley, and where you can, give it out. 

Here are some other resources that you can copy and paste: 

Homeless outreach teams in London (contact them if/when you see a homeless person) : Kensington and Chelsea ONLY -Street Population Outreach Team on 020 7341 5210, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.- I pray that my son (and all of you) will always have the benefit of deciding whether or not to venture into the snow, with the compassion to help those who don't 🙏🏾😔. #homelessness #homelessnessawareness #snow #londonsnow #compassion #vegan #ethicalliving #cognitivedissonance #animalcruelty #understandyourprivilege #novenachanel 

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