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There will always be a good excuse to put off until tomorrow, what you can do today. There will always be distractions. There will always be unexpected circumstances that pop up and get in the way. There will always be someone else who did it faster or reached higher. There will always be someone else who makes it look easier than it feels for you. Does that mean you stop trying? Does that mean you give up before you even start? Does that mean you start believing the voice in your head that tells you that you can't, that you don't belong at the table, that all of your previous successes have just been 'luck' so far? That voice is your fears; an anxiety; an imposter syndrome that reaches deep within you, and tells the little boy or girl, "you cannot do it. You do not deserve it. You do not matter." Silence the fear by first ACKNOWLEDGING it ("I feel scared that...". or, "They will...", "I will....). CHALLENGE it by giving counterarguements to the fear statement(s), with evidence where possible. Then WRITE a MANTRA to keep repeating while DOING it. Set out to challenge yourself, and then, reward yourself, no matter the outcome. You can do this! With that said, I am wishing you a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations. From Novena-Chanel, The Equilibrium Coach - The Goal Architect to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance® - #counsellor #psychotherapist #lifecoach #nutritionaladvisor #reikimaster #YogaTeacher #Yoga #theequilibriumcoach #thegoalarchitect #thegoalarchitects #goals #business #millionairemindset #growthmindset #PublicSpeaker #motivationalquotes #novenachanel #success #successmindset #positivity #personaldevelopment #fear #feelthefearanddoitanyway 

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