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Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling: Work, Life Balance

Cheat sheet alert! 😄 So, Coaching clients usually ask me how I manage to balance family, work, social life, goals, eating healthy, AND religiously prioritising my Self-Care... some days I wonder myself 😄. It's no easy feat, and on some days a ball or two must be lower or dropped in order to raise or embrace another one more closely. However, my way of maintaining balance is doing something I never really did before becoming a Mum - scheduling, listing, prioritising, re-prioritising, prioritising my priorities, and letting everyone know the sheet I'm working from. MEAL PREPS AND RECIPES. One of the ways is meal planning and preparing. As you can see in the picture,  each week our meals are planned in advance with the shopping list set. I always leave room for change, but I keep to the bone of it.

Another way is compiling my favourite recipes into a recipe book, so ingredients can be screen captured and/or added to the shopping list - also enabling me to allow someone else to prepare the meals, as the recipe and ingredients are there, and the day's 'menu' is on the fridge, with the food prep already done and stored in the fridge. I use stackable, BPA free containers to prep and store food.

FAMILY ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE. As a way of keeping in mind the days and weeks ahead, I use a diary (of course), but also note the week's activities on a notice board in the kitchen, the heart of the home.

This ensures consistency, permanency, and motivation to get things done, and follow through 💪🏾. KEEPING ACTIVE. Today I did another 5:30am Gym workout, and came home to the nutrition I need to fuel me throughout the day. Please see my previous posts that explain the 4:1 carbs and protein ratio I use, and the reasons why. Having our lives planned out may seem rigid.... I know i was definitely adverse to all this writing, listing, scheduling and consistency in the past, but it definitely helps to keep your mind clear for bigger projects, more family time, and time to recharge. Note, I study to build on my skills EVERY WEEK. Getting the qualification is only the beginning. To be great at what you do, you must always be improving, researching and building. With that said, I am wishing you a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations. From Novena-Chanel Davies, The Equilibrium Coach - The Goal Architect to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance®. 

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