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I had such a lovely Saturday afternoon, spent in the company of inspiring women, and an open gentleman. A woman/man who can speak their truth, is one of the most powerful, sacred and beautiful beings on this Earth. 💜 We spoke about the importance of and application of Self-Care. We created Cookie Jars. We spoke about boundaries. We did an exercise to discover why we choose the partners we do! This is a topic I enjoy exploring with ladies and gentlemen, and run a separate workshop to truly delve into. Knowledge can bring healing. We spoke about epigenetics and our inherited family beliefs, traumas and outcomes - something I also run a single workshop properly exploring. We wrote a Love Letter to our Soul. We spoke about the Brain and its effect on our behaviour, emotions and actions. We supported each other. We held space for each other. We were accepting of each other. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. We self-disclosed. We welcomed each other as women, and welcomed the one male who attended too 😊😉. I wholeheartedly love and enjoy what I do, and even more, love being honoured enough to share with and learn from those that entrust me to work with them and alongside them. I AM THANKFUL. On a side note, but never sidelined: A massive thank you to all that came to today's workshop, and to my AMAZING friends and family who supported me behind the scenes, and by showing up, making the day run smoothly. I am running this workshop again in May, so don't miss out - I only have 12 people on a workshop so I can ensure everyone is held, seen, and given time. This one was fully booked ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, so reserve your seat early! 💜 Healing Through Creations: A Love Letter to My Soul - May 2018 - #counsellor #psychotherapist #lifecoach #nutritionaladvisor #reikimaster #YogaTeacher #theequilibriumcoach #selfcare #selfcareCookieJar #selfcarejars #accomplishmentcookiejars #equilibriumjars #healingthroughcreations #alovelettertomysoul #selfcare #selflove #epigenetics #relationships #coaching #novenachanel #success #successmindset #positivity #selflove #datingmyself 

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