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Guest Speaker at the KTG Women's Networking Event.

A brilliant day had at the KTG Women's Networking event yesterday. From my 20-minute presentation I now have three new coaching clients booked in the diary, and more to come. This showing the power of connection, sharing, and being placed in the 'right' moment. Thinking piece: How do you place yourself in the 'right' moment? It's worth thinking about. Yesterday I spoke about the power of Self-Care, the effects of stress on the brain and body, and the life changing things that can happen when we learn about epigenetics and retrace generational trauma and cycles through geneograms. I also facilitated a guided meditation (for grounding), and spoke briefly about the effects of beating children and the consequences in the formation of healthy personal boundaries. Then, something slightly unplanned - I gave a small introduction to my story - a child runaway and homeless teen, who through many adversities, found my how, and then my why.

As all saw and knew on the day 😄, I wrote my presentation (and put together the PowerPoint presentation on my laptop) while sat at my stall. Some may say this is risky, and at times it is, but when you learn to be calm in the moment, ensure you know your stuff (whatever industry you are in), you are then able to sit in the crowd, feel the audience, and then tailor your presentation to them. It is something I have been doing since my first Public Speaking engagement in 2012, and it has been something I pride myself in. Thinking piece: What can you create a 30-minute presentation on, with short notice, or on the spot? Perfect your craft. Find your balance, you will become unstoppable. 

As I always say... "It always, always, starts with you." Thank you to all that came out, and to those who reached out for future collaborations. xx With love from Novena-Chanel Davies, The Equilibrium Coach - The Goal Architect to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance® -  ___ #BUSINESS101 #entrepreneur #business #womeninbusiness #networking #branding #survingyourdreams #survivors #novenachanel #theequilibriumcoach #thegoalarchitects #thegoalarchitect 

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