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Understanding the reaction to Stress as Water Submersion....

When submerged in water you have the choice to overreact (fighting against the current, risking exhaustion and drowning), Under-react (becoming overwhelmed and completely giving up to the water pressure and drowning), or learning to find peace and strength within it - finding your balance and allowing yourself to float to the top. Replace 'water' with 'stress' or 'problems', and begin recognising your way of 'coping' and possibly self-sabotaging. Mine used to be a shift between the overreaction and under-reaction, until I started learning how to self-regulate long enough to sit within it, assessing and self-regulating - still something I have to keep reinforcing, learning, relearning, and learning some more. So ask yourself... Do I allow myself to float to the top? Finding ways to cope, finding balance, and eventually, a breath of fresh air. Do I tread water while assessing the situation? Is that Frantically or Peacefully treading? Or, do I tread in hope of being saved (floating aimlessly, with no real plans, looking for a float to cling on to)? . Do I regulate my breathe long enough to sit within the belly of the problem - meditating, trusting, learning, overcoming and growing? Or, like Mohammad Ali (in the second picture), use it as an opportunity to train, strengthen, develop new skills, and rise victorious? .

Do I tell myself that I cannot do it, give up, open my mouth or breathe in the water - drowning myself? . What situations do I float and drown within? . All reactions to submersion has a consequence - at a minimum, learn to tread water while you keep your balance, regulate, evaluate and execute. Stress is everywhere and forever presenting itself in new forms and sources, the only thing that remains consistent within it all is, YOU. Learn, YOU, and perfect your coping and thriving mechanisms. With that said, I am wishing you all a blessed and productive day ahead. From Novena-Chanel, The Equilibrium Coach - The Goal Architect to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance® - . 📸 @thepoby #counsellor #psychotherapist #lifecoach #nutritionaladvisor #reikimaster #YogaTeacher #stressmanagement 

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