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Bringing the Therapy to you…

Online Therapy with Skype and Zoom

Having therapy online offers busy city workers, high profile clients, shift workers, international clients and those unable to attend in-person, the opportunity to focus on therapy while working long hours and/or travelling, without unnecessary therapy breaks or additional travel.   Online Therapy also supports those who have difficulties leaving the house due to physical disadvantages, or certain types of anxieties and Agoraphobia.


How does Online Therapy Work?

Appointments last for 50 minutes and require clients to have a webcam, earphones and a good quality internet connection.

All appointments are carried out with the client (individuals and couples) seated comfortably in a safe, private and confidential space, and they are asked to call in at the time of the appointment via my Skype or Zoom account.  Appointments are subject to the same ethics and restrictions as face-to-face therapy, but offers the added anonymity of not sitting in waiting rooms.


Session Fees

Each therapy session is charged at £70.00 for individuals and £95.00 for couples, depending on the time of day.  The initial online therapy session is used as an initial assessment, and will be prepaid at the time of booking your appointment. Follow on sessions are to be paid in advance, before your session, either through a bank transfer or card payment.


What to do next? 

Please contact me to book your free 15-minute telephone or online initial assessment. Let's get your journey started.

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