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The Equilibrium Coach®

The Goal Architect to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance®


Hello and welcome, come in and take a seat...


My name is Novena-Chanel Davies, better known as The Equilibrium Coach®, and I am a registered integrative Counsellor, Counsellor Supervisor, CPCAB Counselling Lecturer, Life Coach, Plant-based Nutritional Advisor, Reiki Master,

Acupressure Body Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Workshop Facilitator.


I also work as a Talk Radio Host and Media Consultant, offering consultation and assistance in areas of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Breakdowns, Identity and Race, and Self-Care.

My special interests are Epigenetics and generational trauma, Identity and Intercultural Therapy and Attachment Theory.



Counselling, Life Coaching
and Workshops.

To find out more, or to book a consultation to begin your journey of Personal Therapy, Clinical Supervision or Life Coaching, please select the

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Media Consultation
and Appearances

As a Media Consultant (advising on issues around Childhood Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Relationships, Homeschooling, and Race and Identity), Novena-Chanel openly and honestly discusses and explores areas of human experience, behaviour, and relationship dynamics, for both the laymen and versed listener.


Reiki Healing, online Yoga and Fitness Classes and Plant-based Nutrition

Working from a strong belief that we are a holistic system of cause and effect, I advocate this message through teaching and practising Yoga, facilitating a morning Zoom Workout and Wellbeing Group (The Daily Equilibrium Workout Group) offering Plant-based Nutrition Advice, and facilitating Reiki Attunement Workshop in London.


Why? Because I come from the school of thought that teaches that what we eat affects how we feel: how we feel affects how we think; how we think affects how we behave; and how we behave, creates our life.

Find out more about joining a Class, getting a Personalised Nutrition Plan,

or signing up for a Reiki course, below:

Reiki 1 & 2

Reiki Master



& Grop Classes


Are you ready to change your body, mindset and life? How you start the day is just as important as how you finish it. Start it in positivity and health!


Come and join our supportive Daily Equilibrium Exercise and Wellbeing Group on WhatsApp and Zoom group for daily Breath work, Fitness training, Yoga, meditation and Well-being exercises.


Class: Daily Equilibrium Workouts and Lifestyle.


Time: 6:15am GMT to 7:15am GMT


Our weekly Workouts are every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with a rest day on Wednesdays for breathing exercises and stretching. Group Members get discounted access to the Saturday morning Yoga.


Cost: £15.00 per month. That's £15.00 per month for FOUR 1 HOUR CLASSES PER WEEK.

Contact me using the Contact Form below or email me at to start your Fitness journey, today.

Contact Me

I offer a free fifteen-minute introductory phone call to all new clients before making a booking. Please feel free to book yourself a time slot, and I will call you back.

Success! Thank you for your message. I will be in contact shortly.

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Novena-Chanel Davies, The Equilibrium Coach

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