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Don't let the title blind you


 meet so many people who tell me about their insecurities when having to deal with those they feel are more qualified, knowledgeable, or Senior than them. Some hear the title 'Doctor', & instantly feel less than; believing they will see them as less than, or see no value in their individual experiencing & input. Nine out of ten times, this is merely a projection of their own feelings of not being enough. The other person does not subscribe to their belief system, & therefore, in front of them, they simply see another human being. Conversely, years after making acquaintance with some, some have confided in me that at first meeting me, they assumed that I would be unfriendly (A Mean Girl type), materialistic, 'air headed', or not as half as travelled & skilled as I am. Why? Usually because a judgment was made based upon my exterior representation - a black woman who flies planes? Nope! It did not fit their reality or beliefs, so it just could not be. A love of fashion & design? She probably does not like or have interest in Politics, the Sciences, or Spirituality... the combination, for some, too contradictory. When meeting people we have to remember that what we see, & how we interpret it, will always be our subconscious translation of what these things represent to us, & our world. I have met Yogis who are tormented by their own fears & insecurities. I have met Relationship Counsellors who reside in unhappy marriages, just as I have met teenagers who are full of wisdom & knowledge (teaching me so much). My point? Do not let anyone's title lead you into making assumptions about who they are; whether that be a positive assumption or negative one. Simply allow the light in you, to see & greet the light in them. Underneath all the titles, fancy clothes, & social standing, sits a Spirt, a oneness, that connects us all. Look for & acknowledge that, first. The rest? well that becomes unearthed when we put aside our assumptions & projections, & allow the other to show us who they are. The light in me, sees & greets the light in you.... whether that be me in red heels & lipstick, or bare foot meditating in a forest. With that said, I am wishing you a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations. From Novena-Chanel, The Equilibrium Coach® - The Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Practitioner™  

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