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EMOTIONS ARE ADDICTIVE; THOUGHTS ARE FREQUENCIES. Every emotion has a corresponding chemical which is released into the body... the more we emote, the more our body becomes addicted to the emotion - positive or negative. Every thought has a vibration, an energy... we attract to us the energy we continously emit - positive or negative. Enjoying how your life is going? Great! Keep being thankful, and keep a note of your most common thoughts, actions and words. Not happy where it's going, or ready to step it up? Take some time to sit within yourself to acknowledge what your most common emotional state is - is it joy, anger, hurt, disappointment, excitement, love...? Do the same for your thoughts - what do you think about the most? Is it positive things you want, or the negative things you do not want? YOU ARE ATTRACTING YOUR EXPERIENCES. Begin attracting what you truly want, today. With that said, I am wishing you all a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations. From Novena-Chanel Davies, The Equilibrium Coach - The Goal Architect to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance® - 

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