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YOUR EMOTIONS ARE THE DRIVING FORCE OF YOUR BEHAVIOUR. Depression, stress, envy, and pain; unresolved traumas, insecurities and fears... Your emotions are the driving force of your behaviours. Instead of denying, repressing, eating, drinking, or projecting your emotions on to others, take the time to sit with your emotions, trusting yourself with the strength to close the Pandora's box once opened. Feel your emotions; move with the waves; examine the places it sits, aches, or moves within your body; examine your thoughts; breathe through the pain... allow yourself to feel. Repressed emotions lead to repressed, unfulfilled lives. Channel the power of you, by understanding and using, you. TODAY I MAKE SPACE FOR MY EMOTIONS. TODAY I FEEL AND ACKNOWLEDGE HOW I FEEL. With that said, I am wishing you all a blessed and productive day ahead; one that truly exceeds all expectations. Happy Self-Care Sunday #equilibriumtime #EquilibriumSundays. From Novena-Chanel Davies, The Equilibrium Coach - The Goal Architect to Mind, Body, Spirit, Life Balance® - __ #novenachanel #counsellor #psychotherapist #lifecoach #nutritionaladvisor #reikimaster #YogaTeacher #theequilibriumcoach #selfcare #selflove #thegoalarchitect #thegoalarchitects #emotionalwellbeing #emotions #recharge #grounding #anchoring ____ Copyright © 2018. Novena-Chanel Davies. All Rights Reserved. 

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